Why the handle of TVS Apache RTR 180 shakes @ 60-70 kmph?


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The mechanic says it is the nature of Apache and it can’t be solved. What is the reason?

manoj - asked

    Hi, to answer your question we have to learn a little basics about the science of vibrations-

    So, here we go-

    Every body in the universe has a natural frequency of vibration. Natural frequency is the frequency at which a body can vibrate freely.
    Now in the running engine, piston is moving to and fro in the cylinder, which in a way is providing a vibrating force. Now in the case of Apache this vibrating force matches with the bikes natural frequency in between 4000 & 6000 RPM.

    Therefore the bike starts vibrating freely, but when the RPM falls below 4000 or rises above 6000 it doesn’t matches with the bikes natural frequency, so the vibrations disappear. The bike vibrate in any great when the frequency is matched. In the fifth gear the corresponding speed is 50-80 km per hour. The vibrations can be smoothened up while designing the engine by adding balancing weights and a balancer shaft in the engine, but it increases the friction and weight, there by reducing the throttle response and economy, therefore TVS engineers have not included them, the result is superb performance and good fuel economy (my Apache RTR 180 returns mileage of 55 to 60kmpl, trust me).

    The remedy –
    As wear resistant additive in the engine oil occasionally and stay out of 4000-6000 RPM.
    And enjoy the smooth ride.

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    sumit joshi answered

      The TVS Apache RTR 180 can ride smoothly at 100 kmph and it is not the nature of Apache as it is a reliable machine. The reason for the same can be excessive air in the front wheel, which makes the tyre more inflated than required, which results in lesser traction. If this is not the error, you can check your wheel for certain damage, which inturn effects the rotation of the wheel. If the tyre is all correct you should check whether the screws tightening the handlebar are tightened and the seals holding the handlebar are fixed. At last you should check whether both the telescopic forks are filled with equal oil as leaking of the oil from one side effects the stability of the bike.

      Rajdeep Singh answered



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