Why Avenger Street 150 use 12V-4ah battery where as Avenger Street/Cruise 220 has a 12V-9ah battery?

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Except the Engine CC all other specifications are same in both Avenger 150 & Avenger 220. That includes the electrical components used also same in both variants. But the Battery is varies in capacity Avenger 150 uses 12V-4AH VRLA and Avenger 220 uses 12V-9ah battery, why this difference. Is this Difference makes any trouble in engine starting & battery life. Can we use 12V-9ah battery in Avenger 150?

Anand Leo Prakash A asked

    The battery size of 12V-4ah for the 150 and 12V-9ah for the 220 Street shows the cost cutting measures taken by Bajaj, in order to keep the cost less as compared to the bigger Avenger. You can try to place to 9Ah battery into the Street 150 and the difference is size of both the batteries would be compensated as both the bikes are exactly same in dimensions. Bigger battery has no other benefit than keeping the lights on for a longer duration when the bike is off.

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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