Which Yamaha RXZ should I buy? 4-speed or 5-speed?

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Hi guys ….now am interested to buy a used Yamaha RXZ. But am little confused, what is the difference between 4-speed and 5-speed? which one is good? My friend said to me that RXZ 5-speed has top speed 170! Is this true? Pls clarify my question….

Raju - asked

    Obviously 5 speed is best but it can't go 170 stock, RXZ 5 speed can go 115-120 kmph

    Satish Bhat answered

      Choose 5 gears bike

      Rajib - answered

        Yamaha RXZ should be bought in a 5-speed version. It has more benefits like higher mileage and better performance than the 4-speed version. The RXZ’s top speed has always been on the rumors and the actual value in near to 120 kmph only. The 5-speed RXZ is powered by a 132 cc, 2-stroke,1-cylinder engine with 7 port torque induction. It produces 14 BHP @ 7500 rpm and 12 NM @ 6500 rpm. Being a lightweight option at 135 kg, it accelerates very nicely and crosses 100 kmph easily. It comes with a front disc brake, making it safer than any other bike in the RX series. It returned a 35 kmpl fuel efficiency, making it low on the mileage part. With a low seat height of 770 mm, it can be easily handled by a short rider also. You can take a Yamaha mechanic with yourself for buying a RXZ as its engine condition is what needs to be checked before making a deal.

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