Which sports bike should I buy – Honda CBR250R or KTM RC 200?

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KTM RC 200(better mileage) without ABS and riding comfort while commuting or Honda CBR250R with including both ABS and riding comfort?

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    Both the bikes are from totally different riding styles, making them best for their respective needs. Honda CBR250R is a great tourer, with sport biking feel and comfortable driving experience. The bike weighs 167 kg, making it quiet heavy for a 249 cc bike but also favors high speed riding. The drawback comes in the form of less sharp cornering and turning facilities. On the other hand, the RC200, being a 199.5 cc bike is quiet responsive due to its lightweight and sport oriented design. It has nothing to do with touring as track is its favorite place of riding. The seating is quiet uncomfortable for long routes, making it a short ride machine. It comes with sharp handling and cornering abilities. High speed riding, touring and decent amount of mileage is favored by CBR250R and you should only choose RC200 if you are willing to have a track ride every weekend or more often.

    Quick Facts – Honda CBR250R

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