Which one is better – Bajaj Pulsar RS200 or TVS Draken X-21 250?

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I’m very confused about what to choose between these two machines. Both are equally tempting. RS200 looks good on paper but I think draken has the upper hand on styling. Damn, I’m confused. What I want is a suggestion on which would be a better buy considering the looks? Please tell me which one looks better. Thank you for helping 🙂

Soumyajit Roy asked

    Bajaj Pulsar RS200's look is better than TVS Draken and it will be very comfortable.

    chinmoy - answered

      The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is a better choice as it is available at present with a plenty of features whereas Draken is a concept which has no official date of release.

      Bajaj Pulsar RS200 – Fastest Pulsar Yet!

      Rajdeep Singh answered



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