Which bike should I buy – Royal Enfield or Honda CBR250R or KTM RC 200?

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Am planning to buy a bike …..but confused in buying.. the bike should have performance, economy mileage ….which one to prefer »buying a preowned enfield and customizing it » buying a new enfield » CBR250R » RC 200

Harshith Bharadwaj asked

    First of all choose which kind of platform you want to invest in, is it sports section or touring section. If it is touring section then you should definitely go for Royal Enfield and don’t go for pre-owned Enfield as they may have engine oil leakages and some miscellaneous problems, go for new bike or if u want to have sports version it’s better to go for CBR250R than RC200 because Honda is known for precision and it’s the best bike one can have in 250cc segment with best handling and brakes, easy to mingle in city and highways whereas the KTM RC200 is the bike for shorter distances, if you go on longer rides there will be pain in spinal cord and hand ankles So my opinion is to select Royal Enfield if you kinda like to tour a lot or to go for CBR250R, which can be used for both touring and sports.

    Kashyap answered

      As far as I am concerned in racing bike segment, Honda CBR 250 is awesome one which enhances your driving comfort as well as looking towards the ladies comfort which cannot be seen in other comparisons followed by cooling system technology of the engine.

      Ajay - answered

        Bullet is good, this can be more comfortable for riding and has more service centers, more torque and power, maximum speed is 130 kmph and 0-60kmph from 3.6 sec therefore I will select Bullet

        prince Francis answered

          The CBR250R is the best option out of all the 3 above choices. The upcoming model of the CBR250R comes with twin headlight design, making it much more appealing than others in the segment. Also it comes with safety features like ABS and the engine will be tuned to get 28.6 BHP, which is far more than the ongoing variant. Handling and seat position of the CBR250R is best among the race bikes of its segment and you will definitely enjoy every time you go out for a ride.

          Quick Facts – 2015 Honda CBR250R

          Rajdeep Singh answered



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