Which bike should I buy?? R15 or Bajaj Pulsar RS200???

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I want a guidance from your side. I am currently studying and I am going to buy new bike. But I am confused.  I will be using bike mostly in weekends on a total  travel distance of 60-100kms approx.and maybe 5-6 kms daily. So I have listed some of bikes below.Please help me to choose one. I will not be having any pillion rider most times.

1. Yamaha R15 v2.0    2. Bajaj Pulsar RS200     3. Bajaj Avenger 220 Street

Somewhat I am also worried about mileage. Which bike among these has best mileage? and how much exactly? budget is not a concern here. Please consider each and every advantage and disadvantage before suggesting me a bike. like avenger is comfortable but has less features compared to rs200. About r15,,it is said it not so comfortable for long rides and over priced. Regarding RS200 …mileage is my biggest doubt….further How is Yamaha fazer v2.0..Personally I dont like its looks..But anyways advice from ur side is required and deeply welcomed.

Vineet Saini asked

    Yamaha R15 v2.0 is a very good bike if only considered for the rider and pillion comfort can be called nearly zero on the same. If you ride solo on the weekends, no other bike on the list would provide you the satisfaction which the R15 will provide. It is good on mileage as you can easily extract 40 kmpl on highway rides. It is a bless when you turn around the corners aggressively and handling is the best part for the R15. R15-S can end up the problem of pillion comfort and you can enjoy superbike style riding at a great price.

    When it comes to Avenger 220 Street, it is a totally different class of motorcycle riding. If you wish to be relaxed all the time and require no track style driving, you should choose the Avenger for sure. It is powerful, classy and the most affordable out of all but lacks the spirit of cornering with its low stance.

    RS200 is a great combination of power and economy as it provides the most possible power out of every motorcycle in its category. It is eye catchy, brings shivers when ridden hard and performs a bit slow on corners due to its heavy weight. Overall, if RS200 is the Ford Mustang of the motorcycle world, the R15 is the BMW M3.

    The choice is always on you as the bike will serve as your companion for a long time. If you choose ride quality, R15 has no match whereas going for brute power will point at RS200. If you wish that you and the pillion stays in best of the on-road comfort, Avenger has no alternate in its class. Choose your priority, choose your bike !

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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