Which bike is best option – Mahindra Centuro, Suzuki Slingshot and Honda CB twister?

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I have shortlisted 3 bikes for myself which are Mahindra Centuro, Suzuki Slingshot and Honda CB twister, which one should i buy. Please give me an option.

Navreet Singhal asked

    The best one out of your selected options is the Mahindra Centuro. The bike comes with the most reasonable price and provides features which are not even provided in the top end bikes of India. it comes with a remote flip key, which also has the find me button on it. Pressing it would light up the indicators and you can find your bike easily in a crowd. Also, it comes with a disc brake in the latest model. It features a 106.7 cc engine producing 8.5 BHP and 8.5 NM of torque. The bike comes with the iconic Mahindra golden ribs and comes with an attractive price tag of INR 51,250 for the top model. It is the best motorcycle in its segment.

    Quick Facts – Mahindra Centuro Disk Brake

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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