When will 2016 Toyota Fortuner launch in india?

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Please help me, I wanna buy Toyota Fortuner, Should I go for current generation or wait for new generation, but I can’t wait for a long time.

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    The new Toyota Fortuner would be launched in India in the year 2016 and it would take a long time reaching the customers due to heavy demand of the car. If you are in a hurry, you can go for the current version but if you can wait for 8 months, then the possibility of the new car would be there. The car comes with a totally different design in its upcoming model. It looks more massive and aggressive than the current version, with number of features than the current version. it comes with new 2.8 and 2.4 diesel engine, producing 450 and 400 NM of torque respectively. It comes with new 6-speed transmission, with both automatic and manual gearbox. It comes with more leather, more luxury, more space and a brand new Fortuner experience.

    2016 Toyota Fortuner – New Legend of the Pride

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