What the differences between Pulsar RS200 and upcoming Pulsar SS400 ?

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I want to know about Pulsar SS400. Is it better than Ninja?

Manjeet Bhargav asked

    The Bajaj Pulsar RS400/SS400 is a big engine version of RS200. The chassis and body design would be kept the same as the RS200, making the changes limited to the engine as well as braking system only. The 373.2 cc, 1-cylinder engine produces an approx of 43 BHP and 35 NM of torque. On the other hand the RS200 produces just 24.2 BHP and 18.6 NM of torque. The RS400 would be a better option over the Ninja 300 in terms of pricing only. The power values and cylinder count (2-cylinder) of the Ninja would make it more refined and quick than the Pulsar RS400. The RS400 is expected with a price of INR 1,75,000.

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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