What is the new addition in YU Yureka Plus 4G?

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What is the new addition in YU Yureka Plus 4G? I’m right now using YU yureka. So I want to know the difference between these two.

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    The new additions to the YU Yureka Plus 4G comes in the from of higher screen resolution, which has been changed to 1080×1920(full HD) from the 720×1280(HD) pixels. The phone comes with a removable battery, which was not provided in the last version. Rest everything remains the same as the phone comes with 2 GB RAM and 5.5 inch display only. The exterior sizes also remains the same and this brings a new phone into the old shell. It comes with the same 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The battery size also stays 2500 mAh, making it a bit doubtful about battery backup with a higher resolution screen.

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