What is spiral cable and what causes sudden engine indicator lights to turn on?

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What is spiral cable? where it is located in the engine & what causes sudden engine indicator lights to turn on?

edgardo F. ampong asked

    The spiral cable, also known as Clock spring is a part used to connect the airbags and other electrical controls of the car to the electronic system. After 1,00,000 km the part develops cracks into it and shows the airbag warning light turned on, deactivating airbags which would not deploy at the time of crash. The cable can be replaced easily and the procedure for the same has been neatly described in many Youtube videos. Some cars have been recalled due to faulty spiral cables during manufacturing and mostly it has happened to the Toyota cars. It also leads to electrical problems like Horn stops working and the same happens to cruise control. it is not situated in the engine as it behind the steering wheel assembly. The failing of many electrical parts causes sudden indicator lights including the engine light.

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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