What best can I do to overhaul a used scorpio?

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I bought a 2007 Mahindra Scorpio CRDE, and since its purchase it breaks down frequently. It just stalled on the road, so got the alternator changed, next it stalled, got the engine wiring changed, and then the third time it stalled due to snapping of the fan belt got the bearings changed and then also got the steering column pump changed too. Am sure I have forgotten some other times that the car broke down and what was changed then. I am determined not to give up on his car and convert it into a reliable one. Can someone let me what all should I get done once for all that the car gets into a road worthy and trusted car.

surinder mann asked

    A used Scorpio can be overhauled from any experienced car service garage. Even if you get the work done from the company’s service center, no warranty for the same will be provided. It’s better to get it done from someone who has been working with Mahindra and now owns his own garage. It will keep both your budget and risk low. After getting it ready, you should drive the car under certain rpm to keep it good going for first 1000 km. You can ask the mechanic for some more useful tips for a long engine life.

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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