What about performance and specification of LaFerrari parts?

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Will you explain about engine parts, gear transmission, its suspension, piston movement and all its parts in car LaFerrari?


    The LaFerrari is a mild hybrid sportscar from Ferrari whose only 499 examples have been manufactured. The car gets a very lightweight chassis and overall built, making it close to 1255 kg, when dry. Each of the car originally had a tag of more than $ 1 million and came with a 6.3 litre (6262 cc) mid rear mounted V12 engine. It produced 789 BHP @ 9,000 rpm and 700 NM @ 6,750 rpm. The KERS(kinetic energy recovery system) provides a further power boost of 161 BHP and adds up to a total power output of 950 BHP and 900 NM of torque from the machine. It gets mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and power gets directly into the rear wheels. It gets Brembo brakes for the 4 wheels whereas the tyres are Pirelli sourced. The suspension at the front is a double wishbone whereas the rear gets multilink suspension. In short, you can consider it the best car ever made by Ferrari.

    LaFerrari – The Most Extreme Ferrari

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