I almost made up my mind for Kawasaki Z800 due to power and price difference with Triumph Street Triple. But Triumph Pune offered me a long test ride which has caused a struggle in my mind and I am seriously thinking of Triumph ST. On paper Triumph ST is short on power and is overpriced. But in reality it felt quite comfortable, fast, easy handling in traffic as well as highways and twisty roads. Even pillion comfort was quite good. I deliberately travelled on rather bad roads with potholes and speed breakers. But with due care of slowing down, the bottom didn’t scrape and pillion remained quite comfortable.

Despite all reviews telling that K Z800 suspension is set softer, in reality it felt harsher ride even in 3-4 km distance. Pillion comfort was not good at all on it even for 5 minutes. Triumph ST was comfortable for almost 2 hour travel with 10 min break.

Z800 engine smoothness and maniacal acceleration is lovely. But its ride didn’t feel so comfortable even for few minutes. Not sure if it is problem only with test bike. So despite higher cost I am now veering towards Triumph ST. Please advise.

Jeevan Chaukar asked