Is Bajaj Avenger Street good for people having back pain?

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Is avenger street good for people having back pain, I have heard cruiser is best bet than other bikes. What is the best option, please help to take a decision.

Sreejith Prabhakar asked

    Avenger Street is a good option for a rider with back pain than other bikes available in the same price segment. The low seat height makes it easy to use as sitting and standing becomes easy with a lower leg raise than usual bikes. It is even recommended to go for a scooter as there is no need to raise your leg for sitting and getting down from the machine. This reduces the initial pain and makes the rider more confident for a ride. The wide seat of Avenger Street is as comfortable as a scooter seat and provides excellent ride quality. It comes with 2 engine options, 150 Street and 220 Street. The price tag for 150 is INR 75,000 whereas the 220 costs INR 84,000.


    Rajdeep Singh answered
      • Thank you for the reply, than leg raise I am concerned with sitting posture. I found that avenger foot rest are kept bit high so that user can have a resting kind of posture. But will that result the whole weight coming on spinal bone?
        and what is the avrag mileage one can expect from 220cc, I will be using the bike in Bangalore. Hope u will see this msg 🙂

      • The Avenger Street would definitely provide a relaxed sitting posture as the footpegs have been placed in such an order that lesser fatigue is experienced during a riding session. You just need to miss out the rough roads as a single bump will have more negative impact than an hour of highway riding. The case where weight comes on the spinal bone and your wrist arrives when you ride a bike with a clip on handlebar and front bending position. The Avengers are a true opposite to that kind of riding position.

        You can expect the bike to return 35 kmpl in Bangalore. It’s better to go for 150cc version if you ride around 50-60 kmph only. That would save nearly 8-10 kms on every liter of petrol.




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