In which terms Yamaha FZS V2 is better than Suzuki Gixxer?

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In which terms Yamaha FZS V2 is better than Suzuki Gixxer? In which terms Suzuki Gixxer is better than Yamaha FZS V2? Please suggest me.. I am not a racer… I want a perfect city bike that can easily cruise 60-80 kmph.. with better kmpl… And thank u @Rajdeep. For answering my questions

gourav ghosh asked

    I would suggest you to test drive both the bikes on the same day. You will know by yourself. If there is any issues like gear shifts that might be the problem with that particular bike service. Go to a different showroom and try there too. When it comes to mileage and engine refinement, you have to enquire an owner of the bike. Good Luck.

    Bharath. - answered

      Yamaha FZS is better in terms of engine refinement and quality of riding when compared to Gixxer. The fuel injection makes the ride more smooth, improves its fuel efficiency and reduces the emissions from the motorcycles. Even the ride quality of the version 2.0 is much better than the first version and Suzuki Gixxer. The Yamaha FZS loses to the Gixxer when it comes to stats, in which the Gixxer clearly wins the game. It comes with nearly the same specifications like same sized tyres and body design, making it a tough choice between the both. But Yamaha at the end provides a much relaxed ride, with an option for rider and pillion to be safe and clean on wet roads with its tyre hugger. Even the price difference between the bikes would point out at Gixxer, but riding both once after the other will clearly state the difference. You are always welcome with any of your queries regarding the automobile industry.

      Yamaha FZS Version 2.0 – It’s Not A Machine. It’s ME.

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