I have Samsung Galaxy S2 Docomo NTT (JAPAN). The screen is broken. So no display. I am living in India (New Delhi). Can it be repaired?

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Rajiv Dhiman answered

    Getting a broken screen repaired can prove to be expensive for you. So, if you have some experience with the electronic gadgets, you can even try a DIY method to get it done on your own. But remember DIY can even increase your costs if you happen to damage any other part.

    Here are the DIY steps

    • To begin with switch off your device and put a layer of tape over the screen to prevent any further fracture or danger to yourself.
    • Now remove the back cover along with battery, SIM and SD cards.
    • Next remove the seven visible screws on the rear housing and with the help of a plastic pry tool ease the rear housing up.
    • Find out the two screws which hold the motherboard. You will find one of them to the upper left corner of the camera and the other to the right from the center of the battery pocket.
    • Next use the plastic pry tool to remove the six visible cables. Release the side buttons on ⅓ of the way down the edge of the phone from the top.
    • Now it comes to removal of the motherboard from the front housing. Make sure you do it with utmost caution.
    • To remover the LCD and digitizer, use a hot air gun or blow dryer as it will help soften the adhesive and then remove it. Don’t apply too much of pressure as it can damage the LCD.
    • In case you have a replacement LCD and digitizer, still you will have to use the heat so as to soften the adhesive with the frame.
    • In case you feel, you are not confident with these steps, the prefer visiting a Samsung Galaxy S2 service centre.
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