Does Toyota Fortuner 2016 come equipped with a Sunroof?

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This is Multi-Billionaire question that is Toyota Fortuner 2016 contain sunroof. Because a car which cost 28 Lakhs Should contain a sunroof or else its a waste of money.

Avik Bhattacharjee asked

    The 2016 Fortuner does not have a sunroof and Toyota has given no reason for the missing sunroof, even in the last generation of the car. It comes with all the important features required by a car of its segment which includes ABS with EBD, vehicle stability management, hill start assist control, hill hold control, airbags, brake assist, electronic stability program etc. It comes with a totally new and premium feel interior, which looks more spacious and beautiful than before. It comes with two new excellent engine, which even after downsizing produce more power than before. The 2.4 L and 2.8 L diesel motors produce 148 BHP and 174.8 BHP respectively.

    2016 Toyota Fortuner – New Legend of the Pride

    Rajdeep Singh answered



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