Does the music system in Ford Endeavour (2008) has AUX and USB option?

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AUX and USB option in Ford Endeavour 2008 music system.


    The music system of the Ford Endeavour 2008 does not have an AUX and USB option. The car came with 6 CD changer but missed on the other options. The fitting can be easily done as the player without these options are modified by cutting certain wires and inserting the AUX and USB is possible. If the car has an amplifier, it can be used to play music through AUX directly. Everyone avoid these modifications as it ends the warranty period of the car but considering a 2008 model, you can get them fitted from any aftermarket store. Even there are options of adding separate devices like radio transmitters which even do not require cutting of the wires. The USB or AUX can be connected to the transmitter, which will further transmit the music on a certain frequency being caught by the radio of the music player. The car gets a 2499 cc diesel engine producing 142 BHP and 330 NM of torque.

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