Dear Sir,

I am very much confused between Hero Glamour and Super Splendor. I am already using a Hero HF-Deluxe 100 cc for 2 years. It has given me lot of trouble, In 2 yrs 5 times Clutch Plate has been Changed, I am a bit fat when riding on some chaadan road it doesn’t climb even on 2nd gear, a person who is sitting along with me has to get down put in neutral then again put first gear then it will climb up , by the time the other person has reached the destination by walking.

Engine is hot if driven for half an hour & for cooling down it takes more than an hour, it shut down its engine in the middle of the road that time start kicking for at least 10-15 strokes it comes to life by the time I m exhausted. I m fed up with this bike. But this time I am looking for good mileage,power, zero maintenance , Decent look, Reliable Engine, No Vibration @ high speed, good control on road with good breaking system (not to skid). my avg running is 50 to 70 kms per day (local from vasai west station to sativali vasai east , as I am in marketing field). As per above requirements please suggest me a good bike for long time.

Rudolf mathias asked