When a motor cycle is ‘announced’ in October 2015, as ‘available early 2016’ is it reasonable to expect that it may be available before the end of March 16? Seriously, not only have Honda not made this bike available in Australia yet, trying to get information about when it may become available is non existent! Surely Honda do not consider this good customer service?

Even worse, I am a prospective customer who is very close to purchasing another brand bike (Yamaha 600) should the 500r not become available, or at very least I am not informed of an ‘availability date’ within the next week or so. If I do go to another brand of bike I will be a ‘lost customer’ to Honda…forever!

I was sold on the 2016 500r, and would have purchased it cash in hand in January, even February 2016 no questions asked if it was available. However, due to ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION from HONDA or its DEALERSHIPS here in Australia….I am seriously looking at other options……PRETTY DARN PATHETIC HONDA!

Pattengaz - asked