क्यों यामाहा YZF-R25 अन्य अपने क्षेत्र में उपलब्ध बाइक की तुलना में अधिक कीमत होने लगता है?


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When it is going to launch officially in india? and why the price is so high compare to other bikes available in market? why people will buy an overpriced bike if other options are available?

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    I think Yamaha engines are more clear and sharper as compared to others and one most important thing is that the company is very laborious to work and develop good results to each of any parts of company’s all products..

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      Yamaha R25 and R3 both are really costly machines when we compare them to other bikes of similar segment. The reason…well they are not made in India, they are made in Indonesia and will be imported as CKD units and would be assembled here hence the high cost. Look at the ktm bikes, the Duke and RC (125, 200, 390) all are manufactured in India thats why they are sold at a competition destroying prices, where as in other countries they are sold at a considerable premium price coz its exported from India to those countries.

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        The Yamaha R-25 is a twin cylinder bike which produces much more power than the rivals in the segment. The only reason for its high cost is the quality of materials used for the bike and its performance really justifies its cost.

        Yamaha YZF-R25 – Revs Your Ego

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