Why the price of Royal Enfeild so high in Tripura?


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Why the price of Royal Enfeild so high in Tripura?

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    Actually the prices of Royal Enfield has gone high in all the states of India. The least expensive bike costs around INR 1,00,000 and the most expensive crosses INR 2,00,000. In Tripura, the taxes are lower than many parts of the country, making it cheaper than most parts of the country. Even the base price gets a minor cut, making it good to buy a RE in Tripura. The best selling model and the best buy comes out to be the RE Classic 350, which comes with 28 टोक़ के एनएम. It comes with electric start, disc brake, divided seats and nicely gripping MRF tyres.

    त्वरित तथ्य – Royal Enfield Classic 350

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