Why is Honda RC213V-S so expensive?


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Why is Honda RC213V-S so expensive?

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    Honda RC213V-S is so expensive because it has been derived from the MotoGP version of the bike names RC213V. The track version and the road legal version only has certain differences, which includes the rear view mirrors, side stand, front headlight and the different seat for riding. The power has been limited electronically, which means that the same engine has been used in the road legal version also. Its ultra light weight design, which is 170 kg only is all due to its light carbon fiber parts and skipping the unnecessary parts for riding. The bike has a very powerful engine capable for producing 250+ BHP in its fully functional form, making it a really expensive ride. It also uses the parts manufactured by top performance brands for its brakes, tyres and other components.

    Honda RC213V-SAbsolute MotoGP Machine for the Street

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      So much carbon fiber my friend

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