Why Bajaj is delaying the launch of Pulsar NS150?


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    Bajaj stopped the production of NS series. 200NS is currently discontinued and they will not launch Pulsar NS150, instead of that they introduced Pulsar AS150.

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      The delay for the launch of Bajaj 150NS is hinting a negative scope for the NS series in India. Bajaj has recently announced that it will discontinue the 200 NS soon, with the chances also being that the 150 NS is terminated from the Indian list of launches and Bajaj rather focuses on the new CS series of Pulsars. The Bajaj 150 NS is said to be powered by the same engine as the AS150, समझना 16.8 BHP from its 149 cc engine. It was expected with the same design and body panels as that of the 200 एन एस. The production halt for the 200 NS points again into the negative direction, making the chances of its launch lesser than before. It is expected with a price tag of INR 75,000.

      त्वरित तथ्य – बजाज पल्सर 150 एन एस

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