Why Bajaj has stopped the production of Pulsar NS200? I want to buy Pulsar 200NS.


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Actually I want to buy Pulsar NS200 but not AS200…..Why Bajaj has stopped the production of Pulsar NS200?

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    Because KTM and Bajaj are in a friendly business where 200NS made duke made their value down!! This was the answer what I got in Bajaj showroom and made me sad! AS200 s**ks

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      The production of 200 NS was halted as the AS200 is made on the same production line. The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is still available in the market and it comes on order only. Not just Pulsar AS200, the smaller AS150 is also made on the same line and the upcoming 150 NS will also share the same production line as all are based on the same underpinnings. You can order the 200 NS at your nearest Bajaj showroom and they will give you an exact date for the motorcycle to arrive. The 200 NS comes with a naked body design, producing 23.17 BHP from its 199.5 cc motor. It is priced at INR 91,500 and comes in attractive shades.

      All You Need to Know about Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

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