कौन सा ख़रीदा जाए – Suzuki Gixxer SF or Bajaj Pulsar AS150?


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Please tell me which one among Gixxer SF and Bajaj will be fine consider all aspects, durability, support etc

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    The Suzuki Gixxer SF would be the best one as it comes with a design which clearly describe it as the winner among all the competitors. The Gixxer SF comes with the same 155.4 cc engine powering the Gixxer 155. Bajaj AS150 produces more power on the paper than the Gixxer SF. दूसरी ओर, Gixxer SF is more refined while riding as its fully faired design is one of the best in the world, tested upto a superbike level and provides the best stability while riding. It also comes in a MotoGP edition, which looks seriously mind blowing and represents a track racer on normal roads. Gixxer SF comes with a lower seat height and a more practical biking approach than the Pulsar AS150.

    त्वरित तथ्य – Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Edition

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