कौन सा ख़रीदा जाए – Suzuki Gixxer or Yamaha FZ Version 2.0?


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Can any one help me to select a bike, which one should I buy – Suzuki Gixxer or Yamaha FZ Version 2.0? Am planning it to buy in 15 दिन.

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    Suzuki Gixxer

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      It is Yamaha FZS-Fi because its Yahama and secondly you can see the quality and it has vast service centre n Suzuki bikes are flop in India. I know Gixxer has bit more power but tell how many times u will race bike more thn 100kmph in city? Very rare and top speed of fzs fi is 116kmph n gixxer is nearly 120 kmph so not much dference . Go for Yahama and for cleaning FI only 200 rupees they charge and secondly in FI bikes no need for kick in winter only in one press your bike will start. Go for YAMAHA!

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          Suzuki Gixxer is better option as compared to Yamaha FZ 2.0. It comes with aprice tag of 72,200 which is 6000 less than the FZ. It produces more power (14.6 BHP) & 14 टोक़ के एनएम. Suzuki Gixxer has more features to be offered for a lesser price.

          Suzuki Gixxer vs. Yamaha FZS V2.0 Fi

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            Fz best, it sounds epic like bullet, nice performance, good build quality, and it’s fi, so no cold start issues and smooth performance

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