कौन सा ख़रीदा जाए: Bajaj Avenger 150 or Avenger 220?


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Hi sir, I am bike rider, I would like long traveling by bike so which one I choose? Which one is best for long trip? Usually I go 3 times in long trip distance is above 1000 किमी.

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    Choosing an Avenger among 150 and 220 depends upon the motorcycling need of a rider. City driving is better with 150 as it consumes less fuel and provides adequate power whereas powerful highway rides are offered with the 220 cc engine of both the 220 Cruise and 220 Street. If you love cruisers and chrome, there is no other choice than 220 Cruise while dark themed Avengers can be selected according to the preference between economy and performance. The best looking shade on the bike is actually the Midnight Blue from 150 Street.

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