इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Yamaha MT-25 or Kawasaki Z250?


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Yamaha MT-25 or Kawasaki Z250 – इनमे से कौन बेहतर है?

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    Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

    Yamaha MT-25 is a much better bike than Kawasaki Z250. It wins over nearly all the aspects, with its twin cylinder engine producing 35.5 BHP as compared to 26 BHP, 1-cylinder engine of the Z250. It also comes with a much better running dynamics and a much appealing design. Its dual colored body paint looks better than the ideal Kawasaki paint scheme. The MT25 comes with a lower seat height, which facilitates the short riders in everyday riding. The MT-25 is expected to be INR 30,000 costly than its rival, but its performance stats justify the numbers very easily.

    Yamaha MT-25All-New 250cc Street Motorcycle

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