इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – TVS Apache RTR 180 or Suzuki Gixxer SF?


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इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – TVS Apache RTR 180 or Suzuki Gixxer SF? Plz help me.

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    No doubt Suzuki Gixxer SF is best. In my gixxer I got 55 to 62 kmpl of mileage. Its pick up and torque makes you feel like 180 cc bike. Its performance is closer to 180 RTR. Gixxer handles for better than 180 RTR. You can slide around corners easily even on wet road with Gixxer.

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      Of course Tvs apache 180 rtr is better than Suzuki gixxer sf. Bcz apache is much powerful and stylish than Suzuki, even I have Apache Rtr 180 mattalic black and It’s so good as compared to Suzuki gixxer.

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        Apache pros and cons:-

        Pros: 1) Raw power. Response of throttle is the one you can go for it. 2) Service:- TVS has vast service centres when compared to Suzuki. 3) Mileage:- 37+. It will give you in any condition even though if it is accelerated at higher RPM continuously. (Optimum mileage- 38-44 kmpl) 4) Brakes- Brakes are razor sharp.( Both front and rear comes with disc)

        Cons: 1) Rear tyre width is less when compared to gixxer sf. 2) Vibrations at higher RPM. (greater than speed 70 kmph or RPM lower than 6000

        Gixxer:- Its a new bike launched by suzuki. In my terms you can think this as of FZ version 3.0 smooth engine and mileage is more. But it will not give you adrenaline rush when you chase up with other bikes of same or above segment.

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          Suzuki Gixxer SF looks very appealing from its first look whereas the Apache has many benefits like a much powerful engine, with more safety and a lower seat height. The Apache RTR 180 ABS comes with double disc brakes and that too with ABS. The engine produces more power making it a quicker than the Gixxer SF. Also the seat of Apache is narrow, making it easy for short riders to ride comfortably.

          त्वरित तथ्य – TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS

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