इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Suzuki Gixxer SF or Bajaj Pulsar NS200?


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Which one is a better bike in terms of performance, mileage, speed, price etc.

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    It is a bit tad vague to compare Pulsar 200 NS and Suzuki Gixxer SF as the former is a naked bike in the 200cc segment and the latter is a fully faired bike in the 150cc segment. Suzuki Gixxer SF is the best motorcycle in the 150 CC segment as of now (2015). 

    The amount of power, the styling and looks, the handling and braking abilities that it offers in its price bracket (Rs. 96k approx. on road Patna) is highly commendable. If you compare any bike in the 150cc segment with Gixxer SF then it will come out with flying colours, hands down. 

    You can also check out such comparisons on the web. Coming on to the Pulsar 200NS. It is a powerhouse bike in the 200cc segment. It offers a lot of power and amazing naked muscular looks but it lags behind a bit in the handling and braking department. 

    It is on the stiffer side in handling and the braking is not that good owing to its not so good tyres. It is priced at approx. 1.05 lakhs on road Patna. You would now be thinking that when you are getting more power in almost the same amount of money then why go for Gixxer SF? 

    But do know that Pulsar 200NS has to offer more power as it is a 200cc bike. Also, Suzuki Gixxer SF is the cheapest fully faired bike in India as of now (2015). Both bikes are good value for money products in their respective segments. My call would have been Suzuki Gixxer SF. Now it's up to you to decide whether you want to have a 150cc bike or a 200cc bike.

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      Both the bikes belong to a different segment and the Pulsar 200NS surely rocks when seen in terms of performance. आईटी इस 200 cc engine is a powerhouse and the top speed of the Pulsar is higher than that of the Gixxer SF. दूसरी ओर, The Gixxer SF is good in term of mileage due to its 155 cc engine and also it stays far down from the price range of the Pulsar 200NS. If you like naked bikes, Pulsar 200NS is the best for that and if you like faired bikes, the Gixxer SF is best for that. Go for the Gixxer as its more value for money than the Pulsar.

      Suzuki Gixxer SF – Introducing Level PRO

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        Between these 2 bikes 200ns has good pick up and acceleration in comparison to Gixxer SF.

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