इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Kawasaki ER-6n or Ninja 650R?


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इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Kawasaki ER-6n or Ninja 650R?

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    Both the bikes share the same engine, making them twins by heart and different from the looks. The Ninja 650R would be a better choice than the ER-6n. The faired motorcycle always have an advantage of steady ride at high speeds. This means that the windblast protection and aerodynamic values of the 650R would make it a stable motorcycle at high speeds. The bike comes with a windshield and the fairing protects the rider from long drive fatigues. The price difference between the bike is just INR 22,000 making the 650R a better option for sure. It is powered by a 649 cc engine, producing 71 बीएचपी और 64 टोक़ के एनएम. With its 6-speed transmission, the bike is an excellent sport touring motorcycle.

    Kawasaki Ninja 650R – मज़ा,,en,Aggessive,,it,आसान,,en. Aggessive. Easy.

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