इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Honda Activa 3G, TVS Jupiter or Yamaha Fascino?


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इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Honda Activa 3G, TVS Jupiter or Yamaha Fascino?

Chandan - ने पूछा की
    Ramzi Hashim 29 ख्याति

    I personally own a TVS jupiter and frequently use my friend’s Activa 3G. I have also test driven a relative’s Fascino. While Activa has much better after sales support and resale value, I find the ride quality and comfort of Jupiter to be better. Also Jupiter has much better balance due to those bigger 12 inch wheels I think. Another plus point of Jupiter is the better initial acceleration compared to Fascino. The plus points of Fascino are its Vespa like looks and silent engine.

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      Prakash Junghare 10 ख्याति

      Which scooter is best to buy among TVS Jupiter and Activa 3G?

      Prakash Junghare ने जवाब दिया
        Mr. T 0 ख्याति

        A factor you should consider is as to how well does the respective service centre take care of their customers. I'd suggest you talk to few owners of these scooters. Front disk brake is preferable to a drum. Tubeless tyres are better. The actual mileage claimed by a few manufacturers is many a times way lower than what is claimed. If you are located in the coastal part of India, I would suggest you avoid chrome accessories as they tend to rust (eg. Piaggio Vespa) quickly. LML Star Euro 150 for example comes with a spare wheel.

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          Shyamsundar - 0 ख्याति

          Yamaha Fascino

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            Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

            TVS Jupiter is the best scooter out of the above three options. People consider the Activa 3G as the best scooter but the TVS Jupiter has gone above the negative points of the Activa 3G and made a perfect scooter at its price range. The engine delivers 7.8 BHP, which sounds less than the Activa on paper, but on road, the minor difference is not even felt by an average rider. The Jupiter provides the rider with 12 inch rim size with alloy wheels which is far better than the Activa’s 10 inch steel rims. Also, it comes with front telescopic suspension, making it more comfortable on non ideal roads. Even after having these features, the Jupiter comes with a price tag of INR 46,925 which is far better than the INR 50,000 tag of Activa.

            TVS Jupiter 110 – Zyaya Ka Fayda

            Rajdeep Singh ने जवाब दिया



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