इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Bajaj Pulsar or TVS Apache?


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इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Bajaj Pulsar or TVS Apache?

bobby - ने पूछा की
    tushar sudrik 0 ख्याति

    Apache is much better than any pulsar bike

    tushar sudrik ने जवाब दिया
      siddharth - 0 ख्याति

      pulser 200ns is good

      siddharth - ने जवाब दिया
        Vikrant Shankar 0 ख्याति

        TVS Apache is best ,,
        More powerful than Pulsar ,, more top speed and many more

        Vikrant Shankar ने जवाब दिया
          Akash - 0 ख्याति

          In my opinion apache is a better option than pulsar bcoz milage approximately same in both byks price range is also same bt when it comes to performance apache takes over pulsar
          Apache comes with a great pick up also the 180 segment got the rear disc brake while pulsar doesn’t have it
          Apache is also lighter than pulsar so its easy to handle than pulsar
          I m a pulsar owner nd also ridden apache and found apache better than pulsar
          So in my opinion go for TVS APACHE

          Akash - ने जवाब दिया
            Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

            With its all new series filled with lots of race and adventure, the Bajaj Pulsar is a better series than the TVS Apache. You have an option to choose from a naked street motorcycle, an adventure sport touring machine and a race sport inspired Pulsar. The fastest of all, the RS200 comes with twin projector lamps and ABS. Its aggressive body design will be the most suitable out of all.

            Bajaj Pulsar RS200 – Fastest Pulsar Yet!

            Rajdeep Singh ने जवाब दिया



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