इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Bajaj Pulsar NS200 or Pulsar RS200?


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इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Bajaj Pulsar 200NS or Pulsar RS200?

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    Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is a better option over the 200 एन एस. This is beacuse the RS200 comes with a tuned engine, making more power from the same motor when compared to 200 एन एस. It also has twin projector headlamps and ABS, which makes it a safe ride even on unusual road conditions and timings. The RS200 has a fully faired design, which is more attractive than the street fighter design of the 200 एन एस. The fuel tank of RS200 is also larger than the 200 एन एस, making it an overall winner.

    Bajaj Pulsar RS200 – Fastest Pulsar Yet!

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      Bajaj Pulsar RS200

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