इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – Bajaj Platina or Suzuki Hayate?


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Bajaj Platina’s average is 80 kmpl but Suzuki Hayate’s average is 71 kmpl but I think Suzuki Hayate is best me in comparison to Platina and my all friends are saying Hayate is better, tell me the difference between both of them and which one is better?

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    You should buy Bajaj Platina 125cc, I myself also have borrowed this bike, it is a good quality, well modified than old Platina.

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      Their are no major differences between Suzuki Hayate and Bajaj Platina. Both the bikes are from the entry level commuter section and brings in the real economy figures of motorcycling. Bajaj Platina is a better option than Suzuki Hayate due to 3 difference between the bikes. First, it return more mileage when compared to the Hayate, making it more economical. दूसरे, it comes with a 1 liter bigger fuel tank than the Hayate, making it more easy on long drives. Third, the ground clearance of 190 mm in the Platina makes it really good for the Indian roads. All these factors makes it a true choice among the commuter segment. It comes with a price tag of INR 44,500 and comes with electric start.

      Bajaj Platina ES – World’s Mileage Champion

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