इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – 2015 Honda CBR250R or KTM RC200?


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इनमे से कौन बेहतर है – 2015 Honda CBR250R or KTM RC200?

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    Always CBR is better

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      Power, aerodynamic design, maintenance, all these are best in CBR250R when compared to RC….initial alone RC duke will be good….where RC will reach 0-60 में 3.3 sec and CBR in 3.7after that RC can’t reach anymore in CBRCBR max speed 144 even on that speed it will glued to roadwhere RC max speed only 133 with more windblast

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        The upcoming 2015 Honda CBR250R is a better option over the KTM RC200. The new CBR is packed with a better performance, producing 28.6 BHP @ 9000 rpm and 23 NM @ 7500 rpm. The values are much more than that of the KTM RC200’s 24.65 BHP, 199.5 cc engine. The new CBR250R will have its new design from the senior CBR members of the family, with a twin headlight structure and a much sharp looking design. The CBR250R comes with optional ABS, making it a safer ride than the RC200, which lacks the ABS. The new design also includes a new chrome plated exhaust, looking perfect on the light weight racer. The price of the 250 cc CBR is INR 1,60,000 which inturn is better than the INR 1,66,000 for the KTM RC200.

        त्वरित तथ्य – 2015 Honda CBR250R

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