जो बाइक बेहतर है – Bajaj Pulsar 220F, यामाहा R15 या होंडा CBR150R?


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जो बाइक बेहतर है – Bajaj Pulsar 220F, यामाहा R15 या होंडा CBR150R?

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    Kashyap 0 ख्याति

    Without a doubt I would go for the Honda CBR 150R as it is most refined engine and better looking of all. The second choice would be R15, its started to look old since its arrival in India and other bikes are giving serious competition with respect to price when compared to this The last is pulsar 220F cause it’s the oldest version of bike and didn’t received any new updates since two years.

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      Abhishek chandra 0 ख्याति

      Yamaha R15 is the best bike…

      Abhishek chandra ने जवाब दिया
        Dipak TONDE 0 ख्याति

        Yamaha YZF-R15 is the best.

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          andy - 0 ख्याति

          Bajaj pulsar 220f is able to compete with the two. In terms of performance, PRICE, and fuel eficiency.. तथापि, the looks of the 220f is outdated but the power is unquestionable. Bold. Direct to the point statement.

          Easy to mentain and not very complicated components makes it easy to add more horsepower to it. The CBR150r has the best quality in terms of handling, engine, and looks compared to the outdated design of the 220f.

          Everything is nicely engineered but the Price tag makes it limited only to the rich kids. And it Sucks Gas BIG TIME! The R15 has the best looks! इंजन की तकनीक बेजोड़ है और कीमत सिर्फ सीबीआर और 220F के बीच है,en.

          The fuel economy is also fair with its power output. In all these three great bikes, the CBR goes down to number 3 in my list due to its price and low gas milage and the horsepower was lowered at the last version 2015. The number 2 will be the pulsar 220f due to its many patented technologies, cheap price, and high gas mileage.

          Downside is only the looks which can easily be modified to look better. The r15 being between the two in terms of all characteristics is my number 1 pick.

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            Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

            You should go for the Yamaha R15 out of the above 3 bikes as it brings the most premium ride quality out of all the above bikes. It comes with a lower seating position and a very refined engine. The 149.8 सीसी, liquid cooled motor comes with a lot of refinement, producing 16.8 बीएचपी और 15 टोक़ के एनएम. It comes with a six speed transmission and an excellent riding position. Its the best one out of all the above while cornering at high speeds. It comes with a twin headlight cluster, the best design available in all the sport bikes of entry level segment in India. It comes with a price tag of INR 1,14,241.

            त्वरित तथ्य – Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0

            Rajdeep Singh ने जवाब दिया



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