Whic bike is the best – KTM RC200 or KTM 200 Duke?



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Whic bike is the best – KTM RC200 or KTM 200 Duke?

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    Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

    Both the bikes are excellent upto their part and the decision depends on the type of ride you wish to have in your everyday journey. Both the bikes have the 199.5 सीसी, 1-cylinder motor, producing 24.6 बीएचपी और 19.2 टोक़ के एनएम. Even the power is achieved at the same rpm’s, with the same 6-speed gearbox on the bikes. The difference comes in the way you like to drive. You prefer going off-road, on some long stretches, you should choose the 200 Duke as it comes with lower seat height and higher ground clearance. You like to race around on highways and avoid off-road, you can go for the RC200, with excellent racing position for riding. The price difference between the both is INR 24,000. RC200 is aerodynamically more efficient and reaches a higher top speed, therefore making it expensive. In short, 200 Duke is practical, RC200 is typical.

    KTM 200 Duke – A Powerful Appearance

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      The two bikes are same.

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