When is Suzuki going to launch 125cc and 200cc of Burgman scooter in India?


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When is Suzuki going to launch 125cc and 200cc of Burgman scooter in India? I am interested in this scooter.

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    The Suzuki Burgman 125 has been imported to India for the testing and research purpose and this indicates the possibility of the launch of this premium scooter in India. The scooter segment has been growing from a long time and Suzuki can introduce the premium offering for a better sale in the 125 cc segment. The scooter comes with an impressive design and much more than that, it offers real practicality by mixing the comfort approach to the scooter segment. It comes with a large windshield for better riding experience. It comes with a 125 cc liquid cooled engine, producing 11.8 बीएचपी और 10.8 टोक़ के एनएम. The scooter weighs 159 kg, making it quiet heavy when compared to other 125 सीसी स्कूटर. The handling becomes better with 735 सीट ऊंचाई एम.एम., making it easy for short riders to put the feet down after braking. it is expected with a price tag of INR 90,000. the 200 cc will be launched according to the need of time after the 125 cc’s successful sale.

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