होंडा जैज डीजल के शीर्ष मॉडल की ऑन-रोड कीमत क्या होगा?


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I am going for top end Honda Jazz Diesel model, होंडा जैज डीजल के शीर्ष मॉडल की ऑन-रोड कीमत क्या होगा? I will arrange the cash and also go for loan

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    Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

    The top model of Honda Jazz would cost you around INR 9,77,730. The car will bring a 1498 सीसी, 4-cylinder earth dreams diesel engine, which produces 98.6 BHP @ 3600 rpm and 200 NM @ 1750 rpm. The engine has been borrowed from the Honda’s own City and Amaze and proves to be very efficient at 27.3 kmpl. The car comes with plenty of space and brings the best design for a premium sized hatchback. It comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and has a 40 liter fuel tank on duty. It comes with ABS, EBD, Brake assist and front SRS airbags for enhanced safety and comes with touch button operated fully automatic temperature control system. It also comes loaded with a rear parking camera and 6.2 inch touchscreen system.

    त्वरित तथ्य – 2015 होंडा जैज डीजल

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