What should be done to get the optimum mileage from Bajaj Pulsar AS200?


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Please tell me the do’s & don’ts.

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    Rajdeep Singh 7.55कश्मीर ख्याति

    The mileage factor in a Pulsar can only be seen if you ride the bike between a speed of 50-60 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटे, that too in the top gear for most of the time. In current traffic conditions, the same possibility is not possible practically. You should try to choose you daily route which gets less traffic, which directly means less braking. You should switch off the engine on traffic lights and clean your air filter and fuel delivery system at regular intervals. The bike should be driven with appropriate air pressure in the tyres as less would reduce mileage whereas more would reduce traction.

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