What is the mileage of Hero HF Deluxe?


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What is the mileage of Hero HF Deluxe?

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    The Hero HF Deluxe returns a mileage of 60+ kmpl, being one of the top mileage motorcycles of India. The mileage on the bike varies with the speed the bike is being ridden. Driving the HF Deluxe on 70-80 kmph would reduce its mileage whereas riding it on 40-50 kmph would return a figure above 70 kmpl. It comes with the same engine as used in the other Hero bikes. The 97.2 सीसी मोटर का उत्पादन 8.24 बीएचपी और 8.05 टोक़ के एनएम. It comes with a 10.5 लीटर ईंधन टैंक, which makes it a 600+ km traveler on a single tank. It comes with the most reasonable price tag of INR 44,000 and that too for the model with alloy wheels.

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