What is the mileage of Chevrolet Spark LS (2011 आदर्श)?


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What is the mileage of Chevrolet Spark LS (2011 आदर्श)?

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    The Chevrolet spark returned a mileage of 14 kmpl when considering a mixed driving mode(city as well as highway). The car comes looks smaller from the outside but has plenty of space for 4, with the 5th person needed to make some adjustments and fit inside. It comes with a 1.0 L petrol motor, producing nearly 62 BHP. The car has enough power when compared to many small sized segment cars and can easily cruise at speeds of 80-100 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटे. The real pleasure of the car comes when it comes to city driving as the small size helps a lot in finding parking easily and it sneaks easily through tight roads also. The 2011 model came with a price tag below INR 4 lac and also had an optional safety package, which included ABS and airbags, further adding to the cost of the car.

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