What is the meaning of ABS and how does it work?


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Can you explain about the ABS system in bikes mainly in Bajaj Pulsar RS200?

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    ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. The technology is used in braking field of motorcycling and is responsible for safe and efficient braking in uneven road conditions. The brakes equipped with ABS are not locked when the lever is pressed and a sudden hold and release function is followed by the disc and caliper. This reduces the heat production and skidding of tyre in rainy season or sudden wet roads. The whole process is carried through an automatic controller which helps in reduction of braking distance and avoiding collisions also. In Pulsar RS200, single channel ABS has been used, which means that only single tyre is being monitored under the ABS. It gets front ABS, making it more efficient while braking as compared to its non ABS model. The cost of ABS model comes out to be INR 1,30,000 and the other without ABS costs around 1,18,000.

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