What is the make of Yamaha Fascino’s battery?


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What is the make of Yamaha Fascino’s battery?

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    You can confirm the make and model of the Yamaha Fascino’s battery from authorized Yamaha service center only. The Fascino comes with a mix of classic retro looks and modern cuts on a scooter. It comes with a 113 सीसी, 1-cylinder Blue core engine, producing 7 बीएचपी और 8.1 टोक़ के एनएम. यह दावा किया है की एक लाभ के साथ आता है 66 kmpl and resembles much like a Vespa from the front. It has been provided with 10 inch tyres and a low ground clearance of 128 mm only. With its 775 सीट ऊंचाई एम.एम., the Fascino brings comfort riding to the rider. It comes with a price tag of INR 52,500.

    Yamaha Fascino – Fascinofy your world!

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