What is the launch date of Benelli TNT 250?


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Could I have the correct launch date of Benelli TNT 250 in India..

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    The DSK Benelli TNT25 will be launched before Diwali and in the month of November only. This make its possibility of launch limited to first 10 days of November. The bike is an important product for Benelli as it would be its first single cylinder mass market product for India. The bike comes with 249.2 सीसी इंजन उत्पादन 24.15 BHP @ 9,000 rpm and 21 NM @ 7,000 rpm. It gets a 6-speed gearbox and comes with a huge 16.5 लीटर ईंधन टैंक. The bike would weigh around 150 kg when full with fuel and fluids. यह हो जाता है एक 280 mm 4-caliper disc at the front and 240 mm 2-caliper disc at the rear. The bike is expected with a price tag of INR 1,75,000.

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