बजाज पल्सर NS180 के शुभारंभ तिथि क्या है,,en,& Nbsp; अनुवाद संपादित करें,,en?


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What is the launch date of Bajaj Pulsar 180NS?

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    The Bajaj Pulsar 180 NS is a rumor till date and the chances of its launch is next to impossible, viewing the current scenario of Bajaj Autos. The policy Bajaj is following includes only 150 and 200 cc offerings for the new Pulsars as the power difference between the 150 and 180 cc engines have been vanished by the new technologies being used. The AS150 produces power equivalent to Pulsar 180 DTSi making it impossible for Bajaj to continue 150, 180 and 200 series simultaneously. The launch of the Bajaj 150 NS will clear the scenario for further research and Bajaj will disclose if anything else will be launched or not.

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